Bullying at Ontario Private School

 Bullying at Ontario Private School

Bullying and “hazing” has, unfortunately, been a part of school culture for a long time.  This story from a Global News, featuring an interview with Education Lawyer, John Schuman, discusses not only the incident, but the legal responsibilities of schools and educators.  Education Law does create a responsibility for schools to address bullying.  However, the legal requirements for public and private schools in Ontario are very different. Parents need to understand the differences and be cautious when enrolling children in private schools to ensure their children get benefits of a private school education without any serious downsides. John spoke to CBC News Network’s Andrew Nichols about how schools should respond to bullying and how private schools can take a different approach.  That video is below:

This is not the first time that John Schuman has been involved in a serious bullying case.  He spoke to CBC about the serious harm inflicted on a child by bullying at Ontario Public School.  Bullying is never OK, and it is always important to raise the problem with the school immediately. But, when a child has suffered serious physical, emotional or psychological harm due to bullying, it is time to speak to an Education Lawyer to make sure the student gets the supports he or she needs and is able, not only to attend school, but to feel safe and learn there.

To see more about this particular incident, watch this CityTV News Story.

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