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23 - Why You Need a Will

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People hear over and over again that they need a will.  However, very few people understand the problems and unfortunate circumstances that are caused by dying intestate. If they did, they would see an estates lawyer immediately.  Very few people want their wealth to pass on to the taxman or estranged relatives instead of loved-ones.

23 - Why You Need a Will

This podcast gives an easy-to-understand explanation of why you need a last will and testament. However, rather than simply discussing principles of estates law, it has a dramatic presentation that illustrates some common problems created by dying without a will.  It illustrates how people unwittingly give away their wealth to undesirable relatives, shady creditors, and the taxman, while taking money, and maybe even cherished assets, away from beloved spouses and deserving children. 

Having a will is important.  This podcast is essential listing for procrastinators – and people who are recently married or divorced as their wills are now void.  Planning your affairs is often simple and not expensive  - as the lawyers do the complicated part for you.  Listen to hear what you need to know about last wills and testaments. 

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