Ontario Family Law Podcast

Ontario Family Law Podcast

Difficult Custody Cases - CJOB Interview

How Judges Decide Child Custody Cases

Sometimes child custody cases become very difficult, adversarial, and drawn out battles that are terrible for the kids.  Those cases cane be difficult cases for Family Court Judges to decide.  After a child custody case went very wrong in Manitoba, CJOB News Director, Richard Cloutier, interviewed John Schuman about child custody and access cases. 

In this interview Richard and John discuss some important topics in family law, and particular to child custody:

Listen to this short radio segment to gain excellent insight into how child custody cases are decided in Family Court and how to do the best things for yourself and your kids. 

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Contact John Schuman, Certified Specialist in Family Law and Divorce Trial Lawyer, mediator, arbitrator and collaborative lawyer, to get help with your child custody case.  To reach him, either call 416-446-5869, email him or fill out form below and click “send.”  We respond promptly whenever someone contacts us.  

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