Ontario Family Law Podcast

Ontario Family Law Podcast

73 - How to Give to Your Kids, But Not Their Spouse/Partners

Ontario Family Law Podcast

73 - How to Give to Your Kids But Not Their Spouses

With the prices of everything going up, especially the costs of first time homes, but also care, furniture and even diapers, may parents of adult children may find it necessary to help out their kids as they “get started” and are having trouble making ends meet, making financial plans for the future, or getting that first home to get into the real estate market.  While many older parents want to help out their kids financially, for a variety of reasons, they may not want to help out the spouses of their kids.  

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To help out parents, who want to help their adult kids, in this episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, explores some ways that parents can help out their adult children without also giving it to their children’s spouses or partners.  All parents who want to make gifts to their children should check out this episode BEFORE making their gift to make sure that gift goes where they expect. 

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