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19 - What To Do If A Child Won’t Visit With One Parent After Separation

Ontario Family Law Podcast - # 19 What to do if a child won't see a parent

19 - What To Do If A Child Won't See One Parent

One of the most difficult circumstances in Family Law is when a child refuses to see one parent.   The parent who is not seeing the child feels hurt, angry, and excluded from the child's life.  The other parent feels blamed, cornered and under attack.  In these difficult situations it is very important to do the right things.  Doing the wrong thing can really hurt the children.  It can also get you into some serious trouble in Family Court.  Unfortunately, what many parents to instinctively in these situations is often the worst choice.

In this podcast, Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, explains the situation from both parents perspective  - the perspective of the parent with the kids, and the parent who is not seeing them.  He then explains what Family Court Judges expect each parent to do in these circumstances and the best strategy for each parent to adopt.  Those strategies not only protect the kids in a difficult situation in divorce, but also keep the parents on the right side of the Family Law Judges so they do not lose everything, including the kids, in Family Court.  

Access orders state or imply that a parent does everything in his or her power to support the child having a relationship with the other parent
Involves telling a child that they have to go
Arranging for counselling or programs to assist child with feelings toward other parent
Judges will be skeptical that the child is not acting on cues (even unintentional) from the parent that are not supportive of the relationship
Judges view the ability of one parent to support the children’s relationship with the other parent as showing that parent’s ability to act as a parent (CLRA s. 24(2)(g) )
Not doing everything can lead to enforcement orders, contempt or even losing custody.
If you represent the estranged parent, bringing a contempt or custody motion right away can make that parent seem like part of the problem
Focus on motions that resolve the problem first, instead of punishing the other parent.
Let the other parent breach more orders to establish your case.

This podcast is a recording of a lecture that Certified Specialist in Family Law, top Toronto Divorce Lawyer, John Schuman, gave to legal professionals on how to hear the voice of the child.  That lecture also featured slides, which provided additional information, including the citations for may of the authorities mentioned in this podcast.  Those slides will appear on screen on the version of the podcast that can be downloaded from iTunes. Those same slides are on the left of this page on desktop computers and tablets or below for mobile devices users for listeners who are not using the iTunes version.

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