Ontario Family Law Podcast

Ontario Family Law Podcast

65 - How to Get Help for Your Child’s Special Needs in Ontario Public Schools

Ontario Family Law Podcast

65 - How to Get Help for Your Child's Special Needs in Ontario Public Schools

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One of the ways the most frequent ways kids get into trouble in school is by not having their unique needs met.   It is well know that when a school fails to meet a student’s education needs that can lead to all kinds of problems – not just the student failing to learn the curriculum.   It can lead to the student being frustrated, sometimes to the point of dropping out, having behaviour problems, getting suspended or expelled, and in all cases, definitely not achieving what the student should in school.   Often the resources for children with special needs are greater in the public school system than in private schools, which have only the resources that parents pay for.   But, getting the school to accommodate a child’s special needs can be challenging for parents.  Still, Ontario Education and Human Rights Law is often on the side of the student with a disability.  This episode  

In this Episode, Education Lawyer, John Schuman explains  how special education works in Ontario public schools and under Ontario Law, so that parents can get their children the help they need. 

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