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Ontario Family Law Podcast

13 - Spousal Support in Ontario and Canada

Ontario Family Law Podcast - Episode 13 - Spousal Support in Ontario and Canada

13 - Spousal Support in Ontario and Canada

This episode of the Family Law Podcast discusses the basics of Spousal Support in Ontario and in Canada.  The starting point when talking about spousal support is entitlement.  If a spouse is not entitled to spousal support, then there is no further discussion of how much or how long.  This podcast explains how a spouse becomes entitled to support - both the legal barriers to spousal support and what a spouse must show to get spousal support.  John then moves on to explain what factors determine how much spousal support should be paid and for how long.  This includes a discussion of the application of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.  John then explains the different ways spousal support can be paid.  This includes some consideration of the tax effects of spousal support.


Spousal support can be a contentious issue on the breakdown of a relationship.  This important podcast lets you know whether spousal support is applicable to your case and what the right of amount of spousal support should be.  As it is just over 10 minutes in length, everyone going through separation or divorce should take the time to listen to this podcast by a Certified Specialist in Family Law, Toronto Family Lawyer, John Schuman.

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