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John Talks Child Support on the Ward and Al Radio Show


John Schuman Talks Child Support with Ward and Al

John was a guest on the Ward and Al Show on Canada Talks Radio (SiriusXM channel 167).  The topic was child support, which has been in the news over the issue of child support arrears, deadbeat parents and how parents can unwillingly fall behind on child support. Ward, Al and John also discussed whether the court system, family laws or child support laws are biased against men, or whether women are more disadvantaged by the child support enforcement system (which is the Family Responsibility Office in Ontario).   They also discussed the delays in the Family Court System, the need for more funding for support enforcement and more efficiencies in the Family Court System.  John also explains the steps in support enforcement, what happens to people who do not pay support, and how parents who need support can convince the Family Responsibility Office, or other support enforcement agency, to go after child or spousal support arrears.

This is an excellent discussion of child support, how the child support and Family Court systems work, and where they fail, as well as a discussion of the “gender politics” of child support.   Anyone who has a child support case will benefit immensely from the in-depth analysis of child support from the Ward and Al Radio Show.  You can listen to the program by clicking play above.

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If you have a child support problem, contact Certified Specialist in Family Law, and expert child support lawyer, John Schuman, by calling him at 416-446-5080, or you can email him or use the form below.  As always, you can also use the form below to comment on the program. Please feel free to share this radio program on child support with your social network using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

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