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John written several articles in relation to children's legal issues both in and out of court.  These articles are widely used authorities on the topics they cover. Below is a list of the articles, with a brief synopsis. Click on the title to see the full article.

  • Developmentally Appropriate Questions for Child Witnesses - published in 1999, this article is still the leading resource for judges, lawyers and other people wishing to question children in relation to legal matters both in and out of court.  It gives guidance on how best to do that.


  • Allegations of Sexual Abuse When Parents Have Separated - John conducted a research study of the prevalence of false allegations of sexual abuse of children by separated parents.  This article both resorts on the results of that study and describes how judges react, and should react, to these false allegations.


  • Child Support - When Payments Overwhelm - this paper discusses how child support payers can get into trouble and end up being ordered to pay too much support. It then discusses what they can do to get out of that problem, which this article would have helped them avoid in the first place. 


Many of John’s shorter articles are found in his Blog, which you can get to by CLICKING HERE or on the drop down menu at the top of the page.

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