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How to Save Your Marriage with a Marriage Contract

Financial stresses, especially when they are caused by one spouse more than the other, can put marriages, and common law relationships, into trouble. But that trouble does not mean there has to be a separation.  Top family law lawyers can advise about options that can keep the family and relationship together.  One way to do that is by using a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement one spouse can protect his or her savings, assets, credit or inheritance from the other spouse - especially where that spouse has been financially irresponsible.  Putting such a contract in place can remove the tension between spouses that exists when one spouse feels his or her partner is dragging him or her down or holding him or her back financially.  Removing that source of conflict can allow the marriage or relationship to flourish and blossom.

In this informative video, Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, explains how marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements can save a marriage or relationship. He goes over what these contracts can do to help ease tensions in the relationship and what these contracts cannot do. John describes some common family law mistakes that couples make and how a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement can prevent of fix those mistakes.  He also explains some of the rules for making a a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement. Watch this video to see if you can save your marriage or common law relationship.

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One of the rules for having an enforceable marriage contract or cohabitation agreement is that both sides must speak to a lawyer and get independent legal advice one the contract. To find out whether contract is right for you, how the law applies specifically to your situation and what steps you should take to get things to work out for you, contact Certified Specialist in Family Law (and author of the book above), John Schuman, by emailing him, calling 416-446-5847, or using the contact form below.  We answer all inquiries promptly and we can arrange for you to come in quickly for a consultation (charged at a reduced hourly rate). 

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