16. Ontario Family Court Step by Step 3 – The Trial in Family Court

Ontario Family Court Step by Step 3 – The Trial in Family Court

This episode of the Family Law Podcast is the third in a series that goes over the Ontario Family Court Process step by step.  In this episode, Certified Specialist in Family Law, and top divorce lawyer, John Schuman, goes over the conduct of trials in family court. He explains trials step by step from trial preparation, to opening statements, through how witnesses give evidence and the parties making objections to evidence and then to closing statements.   There are a lot of rules for conducting trials and John goes over the most important ones. 

Conducting a Family Law Trial requires a lot of skill and knowldge.  Many people get into trouble at court for not doing things the right way.  Losing a trial can have very serious consequences. This podcast gives some pointers on what to expect at trial and gives some tips about how to present a case a trial.  It will be extremely helpful to anyone who is about to embark on a trial in Family Court.  

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