Could I Be Liable For Child Support to My Spouse’s Ex? 


Child support is the right of the child and the obligation of the parent.  So, the quick answer to whether one spouse has to pay the other spouse’s child support is “no". But, like most things in the law, things can be more complicated than that.

Child support is always payable by a biological or adoptive parent that has a child for 50% of the time or less.  (Where there is “shared parenting”, the amount of child support can vary from the child support tables, but usually both parents pay table child support to each other).   For more about how child support works watch the video below, and listen to this podcast.

In Ontario, getting married does not mean one spouse “owns” the other spouse’s assets nor does it mean one spouse is  responsible for the other spouse's debts - including any debts for child support.  Under Ontario Law, married spouse are still legally independent from each other.  Part 1 of Ontario’s Family Law Act covers property division on separation. For a full explanation of how that works, watch the video below, and listen to this podcast.   But to summarize, separated married spouse share in the increase in each other’s net worths, but not in the actual assets themselves.  Common-law couple have even fewer