Are Private Schools Protecting Your Kids? Ontario Education Law Does Not Require It.

Seven percent of Ontario children attend private schools , often because their parents believe they will get a superior education. Those parents rarely understand that  Ontario Education Law allows those private schools to operate outside the standards required of public schools.  Many of the rights that public school students enjoy, such as protection from bullying, certified teachers, standardized discipline and formal assistance for special needs, just do not exist in private schools.  While some private schools exceed public school standards, others do not.  a culture of secrecy can exist at private schools that can hide the suffering of students, even from parents and, as the St. Michael’s College School Scandal showed, from the police. 

The Weekly with Wendy Mesley takes an in-depth look at the difference in protections offers to students in private and public schools and how private schools operate with almost no regulation.  Wendy speaks to Education Lawyer, John Schuman, about just how little education law and government oversight applies to private schools and what that means to the students to attend them.  This is critical information for every parent to understand when considering a private school education for their child.