Do Ontario Private Schools Have To Meet Any Standards?

Many children attend Ontario Private Schools. But, does Ontario Law require those schools to meet any standards? Parents should know what they are getting into before enrolling their children. Without careful investigation, and going over the school’s documents carefully, parents may not get what they want for their child from Ontario Private School. They may also find they have no legal recourse if things do not work out well for their child at that school. They should worry about protections from bullying, what academic standards are in place and whether their child can be kicked out for essentially no reason at all.

In this short, informative video, Education Lawyer, John Schuman, explains what standards Ontario Private Schools do, and do not have to follow. He also gives advice for parents to ensure that their children are protected, and getting everything they expect, from an Ontario Private School. This video is essential viewing for all parents considering a private school to educate their children. 

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