What Parents Need to Know About the Ontario Law of Children’s Aid Societies and Child Abuse

Parents are justifiably terrified when they learn that a children’s aid society is investigating them for possibly abusing or neglecting their children. CASs have lots of powers, not just to do investigations, but to take kids away and place them in foster care. There is always the concern that the CAS may get the information wrong and make a mistake that could harm the children, or unnecessarily damage, separate, or destroy a family. 

Knowing how to act and respond when a children’s aid society calls can really help parents. John Schuman and his team are experienced child protection lawyers who know the best ways to interact with a children’s aid society to protect the family and the children. In this video, John Schuman goes over the Ontario Family Law that parents should know when interacting with a children’s aid society.

As we are experts on children’s protection law, this website has additional information for parents. See this page on what parents should do when a children’s aid society calls or listen to the episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast on the same topic. This site also has information about how old children need to be to stay home alone, the law of spanking, what to do if the CAS wants to interview your children, the legal duty of professionals to report child abuse, what grandparents can do if their grandchildren are taken by children’s aid, and what to do if you think your ex is an unfit parent, among many other topics related to child abuse and children’s rights. 

John Schuman’s book The Guide to the Basics of Ontario Family Law, has additional and more comprehensive information about child protection law and the court process that children’s aid societies use. The $9.99 eBook is available for IMMEDIATE download from the Canadian Kindle StoreKobo or from iTunes for iPad, iPhone and Mac, or you can order the paperback. That easy-to-understand book explains Ontario child protection proceedings and gives advice on how to get what you want in child protection court (as well as explaining the basics of most other issues in Ontario Family Law).

John and his team are quick to act in child protection cases to prevent the children from being lost in “limbo,” while their knowledge of the area allows them to be thorough and ensure that all parties fulfill their responsibilities. John’s team also provides advice and direction to clients about what to do out of the courtroom to make the most favourable impression on judges and succeed in the courtroom. Unfortunately, the rapid and comprehensive approach taken by John and his team does not work well within the Legal Aid framework. We are not able to accept legal aid certificates on these matters and our initial retainers start at $7500.00, which allows our team to focus quickly on your case and do what needs to be done rapidly – usually before the first court appearance. Book a consultation with us, at a reduced hourly rate, by calling 416-446-5847, emailing John, or using the form below.


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