Spanking, Corporal Punishment and Canada’s Criminal Law (Canada AM)

John Schuman spoke to Canada AM host, Marci Ien, about spanking and corporal punishment under Canadian Law. The issue arose in relation to two BC parents who were convicted of assaulting their daughter after using corporal punishment to punish her for “sexting.” You can read the complete story and watch the videos on this page.

Spanking and corporal punishment are legal in Canada, but as John describes in the interview, there are limits. Crossing those limits can get parents, teachers, and others, in criminal court, or even jail. Find out more about how the law treats spanking and corporal punishment on this page.

If a children’s aid society is calling to speak to you over concerns about corporal punishment or other forms of discipline. You should also contact an excellent child protection lawyer right away to avoid serious trouble from the police and CAS.

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