Manitoba Parental Abduction

John Schuman describes the legal consequences for parents who take matters into their own hands, defy Family Court Orders, and abscond with the children in their child custody or divorce case. These issues arose in the context of a Manitoba Case where the mother, who had lost custody, disappeared with the children. A Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued for her arrest. 

Not being supportive of the other parent, acting unilaterally with respect to the children (especially in contravention of a court order) and not putting the children’s needs first are some of the best ways for a parent to lose custody of children. There are other factors that judges consider when deciding child custody cases.

Three is a proper way to protect your children from imminent danger. That is by getting an emergency order giving you custody of the children. Taking matters into your own hands, and breaching court orders, is one of the best ways to lose your case – and possibly your kids. That is the result in this case, where the mother ended up in jail and the children lost the opportunity to have their mother be a parent for them.

If your ex is preventing you from seeing your kids, read this page about what to do. For information on what to do if a parent is abusing the kids, check out this page. But, in these situations, the best thing to do is to meet with a top family law lawyer to make sure you have the best possible advocate protecting what is best for the kids. To contact John Schuman, call 416-446-5847, email him, or use the form below to contact him. We respond to all inquiries quickly.

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