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As an expert in family law and children’s rights, Certified SpecialistJohn Schuman, does many television appearances to speak about family law, divorce, custody, access, child support, spousal support and property division issues affecting married, common-law, separating and divorcing couples.  Here are some of those TV appearances that both provided important family law information and show John’s skills, knowledge and experience as a family lawyer and divorce lawyer.

Bullying: What Changes Can and Should Schools Make to Stop It?

John Schuman spoke to CTV News so share his expertise in the areas of education law an bullying.  He discussed what schools are legally required to do about bullying, how that differs between public and private schools, and what schools should bedding regardless of legal requirements.

This story comes in the wake of the release of the report into bullying at St. Michael’s College School in Toronto.  That report was the result of a scandal that hit the school after Toronto Police arrested several students after a severe hazing incident.  The fall-out and media investigations revealed just how widespread bullying was at the prestigious school and how important it is to stop bullying in every school.

This video gives parents valuable information about what they should expect schools to do to protect children from bullying, harassment and hazing at school – treatment that has long lasting negative impacts on the victims. 

Do Ontario Private Schools Have To Meet Any Standards?

Many children attend Ontario Private Schools. But, does Ontario Law require those schools to meet any standards? Parents should know what they are getting into before enrolling their child. Without careful investigation, and going over the school’s documents carefully, parents may not get what they want for their child from and Ontario Private School.  They may also find they have no legal recourse if things do not work out well for their child at that school.  They should worry about protections from bullying, what academic standards are in place and whether their child can be kicked out for essentially no reason at all.

In this short, informative video, Education Lawyer, John Schuman, explains what standards Ontario Private Schools do, and do not have to follow.  He also gives advice for parents to ensure that their children are protected, and getting everything they expect, from an Ontario Private School.  This video is essential viewing for all parents considering a private school to educate their children. 

Are Private Schools Protecting Your Kids? Ontario Education Law Does Not Require It.

Seven percent of Ontario children attend private schools , often because their parents believe they will get a superior education. Those parents rarely understand that  Ontario Education Law allows those private schools to operate outside the standards required of public schools.  Many of the rights that public school students enjoy, such as protection from bullying, certified teachers, standardized discipline and formal assistance for special needs, just do not exist in private schools.  While some private schools exceed public school standards, others do not.  a culture of secrecy can exist at private schools that can hide the suffering of students, even from parents and, as the St. Michael’s College School Scandal showed, from the police. 

The Weekly with Wendy Mesley takes an in-depth look at the difference in protections offers to students in private and public schools and how private schools operate with almost no regulation.  Wendy speaks to Education Lawyer, John Schuman, about just how little education law and government oversight applies to private schools and what that means to the students to attend them.  This is critical information for every parent to understand when considering a private school education for their child. 

Why Ontario Private Schools Don’t Have the Same Requirements as Public Schools – Including the Duty to Report Child Abuse

Hundreds of thousands of Ontario Children attend school at Ontario Private Schools.   Despite how many private schools operate in Ontario and how many children attend them, most parents are surprised to learn that Ontario’s Education Act creates almost no rules for private schools.  They do not have to create safe environment for the students, they do not have to hire certified teachers, they do not have to combat bullying.   After covering events in the scandal at St. Michaels’ College School, the Global News Team, explains the very few requirements Private Schools do have to meet.  Then at 28 minutes, Education Lawyer,  John Schuman, explains why private schools may not even have to report some types of child abuse (including sexual child abuse). 

For more on how the rules are different for public and private schools, read this page, which has even more videos explaining these issues. 

John Schuman on The National

The scandal at St. Michael’s College surprised many parents, and many more were shocked at how basic rules the apply to public schools, do not apply to private school.  John Schuman appeared on CBC’s The National, again, in this continuing coverage of the scandal. 

Parents frequently do not understand what rights there children have in private schools, or public schools, or how to best protect their children while at school. 

Bullying at Ontario Private School

Bullying and “hazing” has, unfortunately, been a part of school culture for a long time.  This story from a Global News, featuring an interview with Education Lawyer, John Schuman, discusses not only the incident, but the legal responsibilities of schools and educators.  Education Law does create a responsibility for schools to address bullying.  However, the legal requirements for public and private schools in Ontario are very different. Parents need to understand the differences and be cautious when enrolling children in private schools to ensure their children get benefits of a private school education without any serious downsides. John spoke to CBC News Network’s Andrew Nichols about how schools should respond to bullying and how private schools can take a different approach. 

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