How to Challenge Your Child’s Suspension or Expulsion from School

Suspending or expelling a child from school are the most severe punishments that can be imposed on a pupil.  Not only do these punishments deprive children of their right to an education, but they also can damage the student’s reputation and affect their future educational prospects. Although school principals and boards are required to impose these punishments only for the most severe type of behaviour, and only after considering whether there are mitigating factors that should lead to a less severe punishment, there are times that they make mistakes and children are wrongly suspended or expelled. 

In this video, Toronto education lawyer, John Schuman, goes over the legal rights that students and parents have when facing a suspension or expulsion from school.  He explains the essential education law that they need to know when facing this serious form of school discipline  It is important for pupils and their parents to understand their rights before making any decisions about  when facing a suspension or expulsion from school.