Mr. Schuman is very knowledgeable about the Education Act (exclusions, suspensions, access, etc.), especially current regulations and case law. He successfully resolved a matter with the local school board. Though his legal arguments were strong, he also listened patiently to my concerns about safeguarding reputation and privacy. The matter was settled in a rush just a few hours before the school board hearing, and the fine print that Mr. Schuman inserted into the settlement were just perfect and totally satisfactory. If the matter hadn’t been settled, I would have been very confident to have Mr. Schuman present our case before a tribunal or judge. He is a true expert who really cares about his clients. Thank you very much, John!
– Leif B.

As a Senior Financial Advisor, with over 30 years experience in counselling clients and dealing with countless lawyers, I can directly speak to the fact that John Schuman, in my experience, is one of the very best lawyers that I have dealt with. The professionalism with which John treats each and every matter, is made obvious and highlighted by the fact that he has an extremely well-versed command of the laws that he provides advice on. John is extremely detailed and he; has a distinct ability to recall, site, and articulate complex areas of law, into plain, simple English, that is easily understood by all whom he councils. Tactically and strategically,
– Dan B..

John provides very well-reasoned advice. Further, John is sensitive to the fact that virtually all aspects of any legal matter can be extremely stressful to those thrust into situations that they are not prepared to handle, and he goes to painstaking lengths to show a great deal of care and empathy to each person he councils. John is also surrounded by a highly competent team, and their response times, attention to detail, and overall professionalism, is quite impressive. John Schuman has my full support and endorsement for anyone considering engaging the specialized services of any lawyer practicing these specific areas of law.

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