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How To Stay Out of Court for Your Divorce

There was a time when getting a divorce meant both spouses had to go to court.  Those times are gone because many people, including Family Court Judges, have realized that Family Court is often not the best place for families to work out their issues and figure out how to move on with their lives, while protecting their kids from harmful conflict. For most people, going to court is the worst option for resolving matters after separation.  It is only in a few, more extreme, situation where Court is necessary.   Separated spouses can live much happier lives, while spending less time and much less money, if they pick the process option that is best for them.

In this video, Certified Specialist in Family Law,  Mediator, Arbitrator, Collaborative Lawyer and experienced court trial lawyer, John Schuman, goes over the options to court and explains how they may work best for you.  In previous videos, John explained the Family Court Procedure (step by step) and how what happens at family mediation.   If you are separated or separating, then you must know and understand your options. Choosing how you are going to work things out with your ex can dramatically affect how things turn out and how you live the rest of your life.  Make sure pick the path that will work best for you (and your kids) by watching these videos and having going over your options with an excellent family lawyer who can make sure you decisions are the best ones in your particular situation.


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For a more comprehensive, and comprehendible, explanation of both Family Court, and all there alternatives so you can work out what is best for you, get John’s best selling, easy-to-understand book on the Basics of Ontario Family Lawwhich fully explains family court and the family court process, negotiation, mediation, arbitration and collaborative practice.  The book is available both as paperback, and for immediate download as a $9.99 e-book for KindleKobo, or iPad/iPhone/Mac.  

Obviously, there can be a lot of money involved in child support cases  and only could really help a child with his or her needs (or not).  You need to get the help of a lawyer immediately to avoid financial hardship.  Contact Certified Specialist in Family Law (and author of the book above), John Schuman, by emailing him, calling 416-446-5847, or using the contact form below.  We answer all inquiries promptly and we can arrange for you to come in quickly for a consultation (charged at a reduced hourly rate).

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