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How to Win in Family Court - The Importance of Evidence in Divorce Cases

In Family Court, what you know does not matter - it's what you can prove. In this short Web Extra video from the the  TV Show, Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone, Cerfified Speciliast in Family Law, John Schuman, discusses with Justice Harvey Brownstone, the importance of evidence in both child custody and child support and spousal support cases. Whether you are claiming custody of children or support, this video gives some advice on what you need to show the judge to get what you want in Family Court.   Find out from a senior Family Lawyer and Family Court Judge what evidence you need to get custody and the right level of support.

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For more on what facts you have to prove to get custody of a child, list to this podcast or read this page and this page. To hear about whether children can have a say in family court, watch this video or listen to this podcast.

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For more about child support, read this article, watch this video, or listen to these podcasts on the basics of child support and child support's special and extraordinary expenses.  This video goes over spousal support.

And the book mentioned in the video, which covers these issues in an easy-to-understand way is available by clicking here. 

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