39 - What Ontario Public Schools Must Do About Bullying

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39 - What Ontario Public Schools Must Do About Bullying

In this edition in the Children's Right's series of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, Education Lawyer, John Schuman, explains what children have a right to expect that their public school will do to prevent bullying and what the school must do when bullying happens.  He explains the obligations that the school has to the victims of bullying, including how the school must support all victims of bullying.  He also explains what the school must do with the bullies.  Finally, this podcast explains where parents, and students, can get help after being bullied and what legal remedies are available against schools that do not do enough about bullying.  

It is essential that students know that their school has to protect them agains bullying and what rights they have in the school system when they are victimized by bullies   Parents equally must know what they can do to protect their children, including what steps they can demand the school take to protect their children  from being bullied, and to help them if they are bullied. 

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