Ontario Family Law Podcast - 7 - What does the term "custody of a child" mean?

7 - What does the term "custody of a child" mean?  How does a judge decide who should get it?

Ontario Family Law Podcast

7 - Custody of the Children - what it means and how it is decided

This episode is about the important issue of "custody of the children."  What does that term really mean?  The legal meaning is very different from what most people think. Is it important to have custody?  What is the difference between sole custody and joint custody?  When is sole or joint custody appropriate?  This podcast answers all of these important questions.  It then goes on to discuss how judge and arbitrators decide who will get "custody" of children.  This podcast is essential listening for anyone in a separation or divorce, or thinking of separation, and who has children.  It explains what is judges think is important in these cases and why it may be better to stay out of court.  Listen and learn what rights your children have in a separation and divorce.

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*** Note - as of March 1, 2020, the term “custody” has been abolished in Ontario Family Law.   However, judges use similar principals to decide parenting responsibilities and parenting time. 

To find out what role kids should play in the process of deciding where they should lie and who should make decisions about them, listen to this edition of the podcast.  For additional information about children in divorce, including the best ways to protect them, read this webpage.

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If you found this podcast helpful, please share it on your social netweork using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

If you found this podcast helpful, please share it on your social network using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

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