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Ontario Family Law Podcast

University Cheating Scandal Finds Celebrities Sneaking Their Kids into Prestigious Schools

CBC Here and Now

CBC Hear & Now on University Cheating Scandal

Celebrities such as Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin,  prominent business leaders and lawyers have all been arrested for trying to “cheat” their kids into elite U.S. Universities like Yale, Stanford, UCLA, the University of Texas and others. They bribed coaches to have their children admitted as athletes, when they were not, paid off exam proctors to let other people write exams of their kids, or change the answers and arranged for their children to be fraudulently identified as having special needs.  The competition is certainly fierce to get into some U.S. Universities.  Canadian University degrees are also valued throughout the world.  Education Lawyer, John Schuman, has seen his share of scams to get kids into schools and to get marks that they did not deserve.  He discussed the U.S. scandal and his own experience in they segment from CBC Toronto’s Here and Now.  (Find the player at left or below on some mobile devices)

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