Can My Ex Refuse To Change the Schedule To Stop Our Child From Going to Disney World?

Disney World is a frequent source of conflict after separation, and the subject of many Family Court motions, perhaps because the non-travelling parent is jealous or fears that the trip could give the travelling parent an advantage in having a relationship with a child. Judges do not care about those concerns, judges base these parenting decisions only on whether the trip is in the child’s best interest. Judges will generally allow small manipulations of the parenting schedule to allow a child to go on a vacation.

So, the issue is: what do you do when a parent unreasonably refuses a travel request? Read this page for your options and the steps you may have to follow to go on the trip. Unfortunately, if the other parent cannot be persuaded, and continues to unreasonably refuse to allow a parent and child to travel, it may be necessary to go to Family Court. On the upside, if the judge is upset enough, the resulting Court Order may dispense with the necessity of getting travel consent in the future if the other parent is just being unreasonable.

However, if the trip is coming up soon, you may want to get in to see a lawyer pretty quickly to get advice specific to your situation and to get things in motion so the trip can go ahead. Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, is known for his concern for children in separation and divorce and has won many child custody cases. To contact John, call 416-446-4036, email him, or fill out the form below. You can use the same form to comment on this page.

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