11. Child Support’s Special and Extraordinary Expenses

Child Support’s Special and Extraordinary Expenses

This episode of the Family Law Podcast is all about child support’s special and extraordinary expenses.  Parents share those expenses on top of base child support, so it is important for them to understand how this component of child support works.  This podcast explains what special expenses are and what extraordinary expenses are.  It also explains how parents calculate how much of these expenses they should share.  After that, John Schuman discusses the definitions of special expenses and extraordinary expenses and how they are different.  He then gives specific information on sharing the following types of expenses as they relate to child support:

a) medical expenses

  b) child care expenses

  c) post-secondary education expenses

  d) extra-curricular activities

  e) sports – from beginning lessons to the elite level

  f) hockey

  g) private school

All separated parents should listen to this podcast to make sure they are paying, or receiving the right amount for special and extraordinary expenses.

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