20. What Living Common Law Means (and What It Doesn’t)

What Living Common Law Means (and What It Doesn’t)

In this, the twentieth, episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, Certified Specialist in Family Law, and top divorce lawyer, host John Schuman discusses common law relationships.  

Common law relationships are not at all the same as being married.  There are very important differences with regard to property rights and spousal support rights.  Common law couples are often entitled to a lot less than they think and, in this episode, John explains all those differences.   He also explains many of the other important laws that apply to common relationships including:

–   the rights of parents in common relationships

–   child support where the parents are not married

–   the lack of protection for common law partners in relation to the family home

–   restraining orders against a common law partner

–   the rights to make medical decisions for a common partner

–   inheritance rights for common law partners

–   the definition of “common law” for tax purposes,

–   how common law partners’ rights can be modified with a cohabitation agreement and

–   several other issues.

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