21. How Family Law Can Take Away a Personal Injury Settlement

How Family Law Can Take Away a Personal Injury Settlement

Personal Injury Law is not Family Law.  But Family Law can have a huge impact on the money that an injured person receives from a settlement.  Without careful planning and consideration, an injured person could lose half the settlement or more to their spouse – despite the provisions in the law that re supposed to protect those settlements so that an injured person has the money that he or she requires to meet basic needs.

21 – How Family Law Can Take Away a Personal Injury Settlement

This podcast focuses on the victims of personal injury and the financial aspects of family law – because a disability alone should not affect child custody or access. (If you want to know what is important in child custody and access cases, listen to this edition of the Ontario Family Law Podcast).  This “Person Injury and Family Law” episode explains some of the common mistakes that injured people make that can cause them to loose their settlement funds if their marriage breaks down.  Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, also provides some good legal advice about how to protect settlement funds to meet the needs of the injured spouse.

If you are the victim of a personal injury, a personal injury lawyer, a support person case manager, or health care provided, this podcast provides indispensable information about protecting money intended to cover personal care and meet important needs. 

The host of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, John Schuman, is a top Family Law and Divorce Lawyer, practicing in Toronto at Devry Smith Frank LLP, which is a full service law firm with excellent lawyers in both family law and personal injury law.  If you would like to contact John, either call the number at the top of this page or fill out form below and click “send.”  If you would like John to introduce you to some of the best Toronto personal injury lawyers, feel free to contact him.

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