28. What to Do When a Children’s Aid Society Calls Doing a Child Abuse Investigation

What to Do When a Children’s Aid Society Calls Doing a Child Abuse Investigation

It can be terrifying to be contacted by a children’s aid society because it is doing a child abuse or child neglect investigation regarding your kids – and for good reason. Children’s aid societies can take your children away and put them in foster care and then take you to family court to get an order that allows another family to adopt your kids so that you never see them again.  Further, it is very easy to give the children’s aid society the wrong impression – making the children protection worker believe you are a child abuser.  Many parents do that unintentionally because they do the wrong things, thinking that interacting with a children’s aid society is like interacting with other government agencies.

In addition, if you say the wrong things to a child protection worker, the police can show up and lay criminal charges.

This podcast goes over some of the essentials of what you need to know when you find out you are being investigated by a children’s aid society.  It goes over: 

(a)  how to speak to the investigating worker;

(b)  whether to let your children speak to the investigator;

(c)  when you have the right to remain silent;

(d)  how you should answer questions;

(e)  what to sign and what not to sign; and

(f)   when you need to speak to a lawyer.

Listening to this podcast can help you do the best for your children by keeping your family together.

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