32. How to Change a Support Order or Agreement

How to Change a Support Order or Agreement

Things in life change.  That is expected. People’s incomes go up and down.  When that happens, child support changes and spousal support may change.  That is important to make sure that the support payer is providing the right amount of support and that children share in the lifestyle of their parents. Sometimes, it is necessary to change support to avoid financial hardship for either the support payer or the recipient.

However, there are set procedures to change support.  It is important to follow them because, in Ontario, support is enforced by the Family Responsibility Office.  Other provinces and some other jurisdictions have similar government agencies.  If the parties do not change support properly, the FRO or other agency may enforce the wrong amount of support.  It may collect too little or too much. In addition, at one parties’ request, it may make the adjustment retroactive and cause serious financial hardship for one side.  All because the parties did not change support properly.

This edition of the Ontario Family Law Podcast explains how changing support is easier and simpler than setting support in the first case – in some cases much easier.  It describes the steps to follow to change support both by agreement and when the parties have a dispute about the amount of support.  Listen to this podcast to find out how to change support properly and avoid problems.

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