49. Can Parents Get Private School Tuition Back Due to COVID-19?

Can Parents Get Private School Tuition Back Due to COVID-19?

Ontario students have been out of school for since March. Parents of children in the public school system have been struggling with helping their children through lessons at home with what many of them feel is inadequate support, especially for children with special learning needs.  Parent with children in private school have been facing that, and additional concerns regarding paying tuition.  Even though they are closed to students due to the pandemic, and many parents are struggling financially, some Ontario Private Schools are asking parents to pay for the 2020/2021 school year now.   Others are continuing to charge for school this year or are refusing any form of refund even though students are not going to school.   For parents who paid for boarding, that can be a lot of money and it seems particularly unfair since their children are not currently living at the school.   Unlike public school parents, private school parents feel stung even more if the distance learning for their children is not meeting their expectations in light of what they paid.

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