5. What Say Do Children Get in Separation and Divorce

What Say Do Children Get in Separation and Divorce

John Schuman, the host of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, is a recognized expert in the area of getting the voice of children before the courts, mediators and arbitrators. 

This “recorded live” episode is about children and how much say they should get in the separation and divorce process.  More specifically, it looks at how big a role children should play in the decision about where they live and how much time they spend with each of their parents.  This episode was recorded live at an intimate and interactive discussion of family law issues.  It is essential listening for parents involved in a separation or divorce.

The podcast describes some important resources on the internet on this topic.  Here are the web addresses:

Divorce Source Radio Interview on children in divorce: http://www.divorcesourceradio.com/the-voice-of-a-child-protecting-children-during-divorce/

Children’s decisions in health care and divorce: http://www.devrylaw.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/ConsenttoTreatmentandParenting.pdf

How to talk to children at different stages of development: http://www.devrylaw.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Developmentally-Appropriate-Questions-for-Child-Witnesses.pdf

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