50. Is COVID19 A Good Time to Separate or Divorce?

Is COVID19 A Good Time to Separate or Divorce?

The pandemic has been extremely stressful for everyone.  The fears of getting sick, combined with being isolated from friends and loved ones, the disruption of routines, the loss of favorite activities and perhaps the financial insecurity has made coping difficult for people who do not have underlying mental health problems.   Add to that, many people are spending more time with their spouses than they ever have before, and they are learning lots about partners, and perhaps lots that they do not like.  Life can become intolerable for people living together, particularly where they cannot get along or sympathize with what each other are feelings.  For many others who already have strained relationship, the pandemic has pushed them past the breaking point.  Many people are asking, “Is COVID19 a good time to separate?” 

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