63. What Can You Do With A Marriage Contract?

What Can You Do With A Marriage Contract?

As soon as COVID-19 restrictions started lifting, people started getting married again.  But having had to wait, or perhaps because they are getting married older, the betrothed have given some thought about what getting married means.  Perhaps they have been following the Ontario Family Law Podcast and paid attention to the issues that can arise on separation, or read the comments. Perhaps they have read the Guide to the Basics of Ontario Family Law to understand how Family Law works.  But, people who are getting married now are getting married smarter and using marriage contracts to avoid surprises if they separate. From property division, to child and spousal support to parenting issues, in this episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman explains what you can and cannot do with a marriage contract or a cohabitation agreement (for people who are living common law).  He also explains what the law says cannot be changed using these types of contracts. This episode is essential listening for people who are getting married, or people who are planning to live common law, so they know what arrangements they can make to protect what is most important to them during in their relationship.

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