89 – Can Child Support Be Reduced for High Income Earners?


Exploring the Possibility of Child Support Reduction for High-Income Earners

In Canada, monthly child support is based on the payor’s income and keeps going up as the payor’s income goes up. Unlike in some US states, there is no cap on monthly child support payments. For high income earners, monthly child support can be many thousands, even many tens of thousands of dollars each month. Often it can seem that the amount of child support far exceeds what a parent could possibly spend on a child. 

Will Family Court Judges order more child support than a parent could ever spend on the child? In this episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, Certified Specialist in Family Law, ⁠John Schuman⁠, looks at some factors the court may consider in setting child support for high-income earners – and perhaps even ordering less than the table amount for monthly support. A ⁠video version of this episode is available on YouTube⁠.

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