Difficult Custody Cases – CJOB Interview

Sometimes child custody cases become very difficult, adversarial, and drawn out battles that are terrible for the kids.  Those cases cane be difficult cases for Family Court Judges to decide.  After a child custody case went very wrong in Manitoba, CJOB News Director, Richard Cloutier, interviewed John Schuman about child custody and access cases. 

In this interview Richard and John discuss some important topics in family law, and particular to child custody:

  • What are the most important things judges consider when deciding child custody cases
  • How child custody cases go wrong and how they can harm the kids
  • How parents can lose perspective when fighting over child custody
  • The alternatives to court to avoid big fights and better protect the kids
  • When going to Family Court is necessary and when it is not
  • Why child custody cases can drag out
  • How parents lose child custody cases

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