Child Support in Ontario: Who Pays? How Much?

Child support in Ontario can sometimes be complicated. This video gives an introduction to all of the important aspects of child support. The topics covered include:

1. Who pays child support?

2. How is child support calculated?

3. What are the parts of child support?

4. What is table support?

5. What are special expenses?

6. What are extraordinary expenses?

7. How does child support work in shared parenting (when the children are with each parent at least 40% of the time)?

8. How does child support work in split custody (where some children live with each parent)?

9. Who pays for hockey? Who pays for swimming? Who pays for university or post-secondary education?

10. How much support do step-parents pay?

And much more…

If you need to know about child support, watch this video to find out the most critical child support information!

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