What are the first steps to take after separating from your spouse?

Whether it comes as a surprise or not, separating from your spouse can be a very difficult time. Unfortunately, it is also a time when you have to make a lot of very important decisions. What you decide, and even how you make those decisions can affect the rest of your life. It is important to make good, wise, choices because acting impulsively can really hurt your future and possibly the future of your kids.

In this video, Toronto Family Lawyer, Certified Specialist, John Schuman, explains what to do right after you separate from your spouse – or what you should be thinking about before you separate. He explains how the decisions you make can affect your relationship with your kids, how much support you may pay, how much you all spend on your divorce, and how you will live the rest of your life. John also tells you what to look for when choosing a lawyer to help you through the separation and divorce process. He explains the merits of “fighting for your rights” and also working hard to settle matters with your ex.

This video also explains the practical steps to start working on your separation such as:

1. What documents do you need to collect and whether you should be taking your ex’s documents

2. Should you stay in the house, or should you leave?

3. Should you take the kids with you when you leave?

4. How to tell the kids you and your spouse are separating or divorcing?

5. How to tell your spouse you want a divorce?

6. Working on a safety plan.

7. Choosing from the range of options for working out the matters between you and your ex.

8. Getting help with the emotional side of separation and divorce.

John also explains some of the biggest mistakes you can make after separating. There are a lot of huge mistakes you make right after separation that will really hurt your family law case and can affect your claim for custody of the kids or your ability to get the money you need.

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