58. Student’s Rights During Covid-19

Student’s Rights During Covid-19

The pandemic has brought massive changes to Ontario’s education system.  This shake-up has left parents with a lot of questions about whether their children still have rights within the school system. In a public school system struggling to cope with all the extra COVID19 related demands it can be hard to get schools administrators and teachers to find time for parent’s concerns. While there have been big changes due to the pandemic, students do have rights even still.   Although, those rights are not always the ones that parents wish they their children had.  This episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast explains what rights students have during the pandemic. 

In this Episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, Education Lawyer, John Schuman answers the questions about what Ontario Law guarantees to students  during the pandemic and what protections they have if things go wrong.  In addition to covering what lights students have to attend in-person learning at their local school, this episode reveals what the minimum educational education standards are in the province and sets.  It also discusses what rights that students with special needs, and students who are victims of bullying, can continue to expect even during labour disruptions affecting their school.

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