70. Do You Have a Duty to Report to the Children’s Aid Society?

Do You Have a Duty to Report to the Children’s Aid Society?

There is no question that child abuse and neglect is a terrible thing that can have long lasting impacts, even ruin the entire lives of child victims. While everyone should want to protect children from child abuse and neglect, Ontario Law has made it mandatory for everyone in a job that relates to children to report suspicions of child abuse and neglect to a children’s aid society. But, many have people have questions about what legal obligations they might have to report child abuse, what constitutes child abuse or neglect that must be reported and whether they can get into trouble for making such a report. This episode answers all those questions about requirements to report to a children’s aid society.  It is critical watching or listening for all professionals who work with children in Ontario. 

If the children’s aid society has called to do an investigation on your family, listen to this episodewatch this video and read this page.

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