67. How Long Does It Takes to Get Divorced in Ontario?

How Long Does It Takes to Get Divorced in Ontario?

The big questions asked by people who are struggling in their marriage are “how easy it will be to get a divorce in Ontario?” and “How long will it take?”   People looking for a “new me” don’t want to have their ex hanging around like an anchor.  Especially, as getting a divorce is a prerequisite to getting remarried.  In this episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, the host, Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, explains  how easy and quick (or not) it will be to get an Ontario Divorce.  He explains what is required to qualify for a divorce in Ontario.  John also explains what separated spouses should do to get their divorce faster, some out-of-court options to move things along more quickly, and what will slow down the process and make it drag on.   This is all critical information that anyone considering separating from a spouse must know.

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