53. How to Pay Less Child Support?

How to Pay Less Child Support?

Child support gets more people angry on the internet than any other Family Law topic.   But, if you speak to Family Court Judges, child support should not be controversial – people should show that they care for their kids by paying for their needs. Recognizing that most support payers do NOT want to overpay child support, this edition of the Ontario Family Law Podcast looks at ways to reduce child support and looks at some of the traps that result in higher child support than the law requires.

In this episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast, Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, explains many of the factors that affect the amount of child support and which ones will and which ones will not end up reducing how much a parent pays.  He covers the following child support issues:

  • how shared parenting can affect support
  • quitting a job or reducing income
  • income tax considerations 
  • undue hardship
  • financial disclosure
  • section 7 expenses, and 
  • step-parent and multiple parent families 

This episode is critical listening or viewing for anyone who pays or receives child support to understand how each of those factors can change support. 

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