75. When Can You Legally Stop Your Ex From Seeing the Kids?

When Can You Legally Stop Your Ex From Seeing the Kids?

When parents do not separate on good terms, they often have concerns about the other parent’s priorities – particularly when very young children or infants are involved. When a separation is going to be high conflict, Family Lawyers  frequently hear from a parent who needs to start court right away, without trying any of the better ways to work things out, because the kids have been completely cut off from him or her.  The reasons why this happen vary, from domestic violence, to concerns about child abuse, to disagreements over parenting strategies, to questions about the other parent’s competences, to issues over child support and the children’s wishes.  But, there are only certain reason that judges believe justify cutting off a parent from the children.  Any other excuse is going to get a parent in serious Family Court trouble and that parent may even be cut off from the kids by Court Order!

In this episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast,  Certified Specialist in Family Law, John Schuman, goes over what Ontario Family Law says justifies cutting out the other parent – and what does not. He also goes over the potentially serious consequences for parents – and the kids – when a parent gets that wrong.   This episode contains the legal information that every parent should know before stopping a parenting schedule. 

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