55. Can You Get Divorced in Canada?

Can You Get Divorced in Canada?

A lot of people either come to Canada married to someone else, or leave Canada to get married and then come back.  When problems develop in their marriage, they wonder if they can get divorced in here, or if they have to go back to where they were married. Sometimes the spouse still lives abroad, which raises the question as to whether Canada can grant the divorce, or the other country must. This episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast explains when spouses can get divorced in Canada, and when they cannot.

If you were married outside of Canada, or your spouse currently lives outside of Canada, this podcast explains what you need to do to get your divorce. The explanation includes what determines in which country spouses can get their divorce and what criteria they have to meet to get their divorce in Canada.  It also explains the steps for getting a divorce in Canada when one spouse lives somewhere else, as well as going over how Ontario Family Courts will make orders for separated couples for things like parenting, child custody, child support, spousal support and property division –  even when a divorce is not possible. 

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